Sunday, November 28, 2010

Pen, you are my friend...

This was my first attempt at drawing with a pen. It was a picture of two friends from years ago who were a couple. I wanted to challenge myself by seeing if could sketch without using an eraser or a smudging technique.
The photo of the two guys were laying on the beach sleeping. I thought this would be a good picture to test using pen because there wasn't that much shading involved due to the sun being directly on them.The photo is now lost, otherwise I would post it with this sketch.
Ink with 8.5X11 paper

Monday, November 22, 2010


I saw these images in a magazine and immediately was inspired to paint them using oil on canvas; one pear, one cherry and two champagne flutes on a table. Since it had been a while that I painted still life, I thought it would be fun to make it modern and colorful. With that in mind; I made the table more abstract, changed the background to more vibrant hues of green and extended the cherry stem to touch the pear stem. I enjoy using oils because this medium allows you the option of painting "wet on wet," and let me finish it in around 2 hours.
This piece is 18X26

Saturday, November 20, 2010


These three paintings first started off as just the three primary colors(one yellow, one red and one blue) they have migrated all over my home, but always in an area where I would be able to drift off and stare at them. The more I stared at them the more I wanted to add on. In an ending result each one has all three primary colors in it. I have probably spent an overall amount of 16 hours on them....and will probably continue to add.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Redhead...

I first saw this picture at the Getty in 2009 Paul Outerbridge is the photographer. This photo is from 1939 and titled" The Redhead". I love this photo because, it's timeless and I had to pay homage to it. Lately I had an urge to paint a black and white photo and this one I thought would be fun. I over exposed the picture then blew it up onto a projector(I know it's cheating). I just got the basic outline of it as you can see in hour one then from there I just had fun. I've invested 6 hours into it so far and I was waiting for the paint to dry to add another layer and make the painting richer.
This painting is oil on canvas 28X36
These are hours 1, 3, 5, 6 of the paint

Broken Ground

This piece was my very first painting in 2000. I painted it after seeing it in a dream I had. In the dream I was walking down an endless hall with white wall I turned to my left and saw this painting. I constantly dream in color so I remember how brilliant the colors were a blue and purple sky, her brown hair, yellow dress and the green ribbon wrapped around her wrist. I remember this dream so vividly because I remember she was walking in the same place as if she was stuck infinately in that spot of the paint surrounded by broken ground of the dry desert and I think thats why she was so sad.

This paint is 28X36 oils on canvas.